Appreciating the Gifts of Creation

Did you know color blindness has a fix? I didn’t. It’s called Enchroma glasses. Here’s the latest article from Rafi Farber; his personal experience.

The last few words in Yerushalmi Kiddushin are famous:

רבי חזקיה ר’ כהן בשם רב עתיד אדם ליתן דין וחשבון על כל שראת עינו ולא אכל.

Not sure how to translate or copy this, but here is an approximation:

Rabbi Chizkiya and Rabbi Cohen both said in the name of Rav, “Man will be held fully accountable for any food which he saw and did not eat”.

I wonder: if one has color blindness or partial deafness or the like, and one is aware of the deficiency (according to the above Yerushalmi), must one seek out ways to experience the world in a fuller way? The answer is not obvious to me.

For basic analysis of the Yerushalmi, see here. By the way, it appears this Yerushalmi (properly understood) is obligatory Halacha.

P.S. Although modern Judaism has been corrupted by Cursedianity, in truth, we are not to have ‘contemptus saeculi’.

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