Women Praying with Tefillin, Tallis and Kippah at the Western Wall?!

Why are women praying with Tefillin, Tallis, and Kippah at the Western Wall a topic of discussion? It’s all hypothetical, to the best of my knowledge. If it ever occurs (unlikely!), we’ll figure it out then.

What do you mean?

Let’s go through it, shall we?

“Praying” – The official Reform position is atheistic. What they are doing sounds like wailing. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! This is because they still refer to it as the “Wailing Wall”, not the “Western Wall”. The word “west” is severely “racist”. “Wall” probably too, since it sounds like “Berlin Wall”, or separation or an exclusionary non-state project, or a Trump speech.

“At the Western Wall” – Feiglin, David Sidman, and others assert the zone has no holiness; it’s nothing but a “parking lot“. No, it does have the sanctity of a synagogue. But this is not true for areas not made so through prayer! So, is where they are a synagogue? Was the area accepted as such? Does it even have the sanctity of the Ezras Nashim (I mean that of the Mikdash Me’at!)?

“Tefillin” – Apparently they never even glanced through those charming Chabad handouts describing the correct positioning of Tefillin Shel Rosh. As far as I can tell, the WoWing wailing Wymyn (sic) of THE wall have never put on Tefillin, period, let alone at the Kosel, where they are far too distracted.

“Tallis”? Why? Does it even have Techeiles? Exactly.

And if their food isn’t kosher, why do we assume their Tallis and Tefillin are any better?

Wearing a Kippah? Why not? Women are supposed to wear a Kippah (and even more, in more public areas), see footnote #1 on p. 2 here.

So what’s left?

They entered a government-controlled area with a Sefer Torah! Ooh, is it against “Hilchos Medinah”? The Law of Return excludes the word “kehilchata” from its definition of “Jew”, but surely the Sefer Torah must meet some halachic standard, perhaps as determined by the Chief State “Rabbinate”. (If their lawyers wish to use this argument, please have them contact me to negotiate my finder’s fee.)

The solution? This. You can tell it’s likely the solution from the fact it angers nearly everyone.

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