Seize All Mitzvos, Including the Rare Ones!

About Nadiruta

The Nadiruta (‘rare’ in Aramaic) organization was established in 2011 by Rav Yechezkel Friedman Shlit”a, with a goal to give Yidden the opportunity to fulfill the rare mitzvos of the Torah, which are applicable in our times, and to disseminate the laws of those rare mitzvos.

Rav Friedman is originally from Melbourne Australia, where he attended the “Adath Israel” school until age 16. He continued his Yeshiva studies at “Gateshead” in England, and after that at the Belz Yeshiva in Jerusalem. After his marriage to his wife in the US he made “aliyah” and currently lives with his family in Kiryat Belz in Jerusalem. Rav Friedman also currently serves as the official “tour guide” at the Great Belz Synagogue in Jerusalem. (See this Homodia article for more about Rav Friedman)

The Story Behind “Nadiruta”

About 20 years ago Rav Friedman started to get involved with the mitzvah of “shiluach ha’ken”, and despite all the technical difficulties associated in fulfilling this rare mitzvah (first one needs to verify that the bird is a kosher species, that it’s the “mother” sitting not the father, that the egg doesn’t contain blood, that it’s not located in enclosed or privately owned area and many more technical details), over the years he successfully “ironed out” and clarified all those difficulties. Over the years Rav Friedman has given the opurtunity to many Yidden to fulfill this rare mitzvah of “shiluach ha’ken”. With the time Rav Friedman has become a leading expert, and today he receives many inquiries on this topic from all around the globe.

Rav Friedman also developed a keen relationship with leading Rabbonim an poskim of our times, including Hagaon R’ Shamai Gross, Hagaon R’ Chaim Dovid Shuvaks of Belz, Hagaon R’ Shlomo Kohn of Rav Wosners Bet Din in Bnei Brak and many more. More recently, a staff of talented and outstanding Torah scholars – specifically Rav Shlomo Binet and Rav Yitzchak Katz – has joined him.

About 6 years ago Rav Friedman started to delve into the laws of “pidyon peter chamor” and thank G-D after years of searching his work bore fruits and finally at last the process of fulfilling this rare mitzvah has got under way.

More mitzvahs on our agenda:

  • Owning a field in Eretz Yisrael
  • Separating terumos and maasros
  • Fulfilling the laws of leket shikcha and peah
  • Being careful with kilaiyim of animals etc.
  • Reishis Hagez (giving to a Kohein the first wool shearing of the sheep)
  • Zeroa lechoyayim vekeivah (parts of an animal which must be given to a Kohein)

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