On the ‘Jewish’ Magen David

The Magen David is not a Jewish symbol; it is a symbol of the Davidian monarchy, which just so happens to be Jewish. Jews don’t worship physical shapes, such as the Cursedian “x” or Mohammedan crescent.

The shape itself consists of one “Dalet” (the letter) superimposed on another, from the name “David” (with or without a joining “Vav” in the middle). In Ksav Ivri, that is, where the Dalet looks like the Greek Delta or triangle.

Why was it placed in shuls? Because Jews wanted to remind themselves of their true supremacy, even while suppressed in exile.

Today we need to remember democracy is entirely illegitimate (on a national level). But a Davidic king or vassal is not the ultimate Jewish aspiration either; anarchy is.

Anti-authoritarianism could also be described as “Responsibilitarianism”. Personal responsibility (in uncoerced groupings of individuals, as well) to what end? Serving God.

That Jews had this symbol in synagogues demonstrates once more the truth of what I said here:

By the way, this is another thing anti-Zionists get wrong. Even if/when Jews are not a national entity, avoiding confrontation, too, has limits, and each situation must be judged anew. They never judge anything religious anew, sadly.
Anti-zionists now reject the Magen David, as well, fittingly. We will yet witness their kind reject any Jewish kingship, including a righteous king from the Davidic dynasty, as Rabbi Brand predicts.
Update: An alternative theory is here.

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