Hyehudi Survey Highlights

I recently asked our readers and subscribers what they want more of and what they want less of. Naturally, I mostly got generic responses to the first question and details on the second.

Thanks to those who answered!

I thought the complaints would include the audacity to attack well-known אנשי צורה, and readability. One deemed the site “precipitous”. Maybe that’s what he meant. (Read much Mishpacha, do you?)

Here are some of the answers received plus rejoinders (anonymized, translated, altered and abridged):

I prefer what relates to Torah directly.

The site concerns Judaism, not “Torah”. Sorry.

Will you add more video?

I hope not.

How about allowing comments?

I make it difficult to leave comments because I lack interaction time. There’s always the contact page. I have printed readers’ comments in the past. Here are One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine examples.

More Hebrew, please!

I try to keep Hebrew under a third, although this is tough on both kinds of readers. What else can I do? The Torah is today partly only in English, as per “טט בכתפי שתים פת באפריקי שתים”.

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