Another Russian Hack?

The Charedi scribbler Cross Currents site is down, which means Hyehudi‘s links to them won’t work for now. The writers are, eh, Currently Cross. This is from the HomePage:

Yes, a hacker intruded. No, it’s not related to anything recently published by us (at least, as far as we can tell).

Over a week ago, we detected a hacker intrusion (and we must thank the alert reader who first found signs of it). We performed multiple scans using multiple WordPress security scanning tools, and thought we had cleared the infection.

Sadly this is not the case, and we must determine how a Russian hacker was able to assume the identity of a user or moderator without knowing the passwords — ideally, before making Cross-Currents available to the public again.

Wait. How do you know it’s “a Russian hacker”? Freudian slip? Probably the same way Obama knows how Wikileaks got some records of Clinton crimes, and for the very same reason: he doesn’t.

They say it’s “not related to anything recently published by us”. If they deny being the neocon blood mongers for WWIII between the US and Russia that they are, how do they pretend to think the Russians would try to down them?

They are now asking for money, of course. Will you give it to them?

Update: They are back now. Still unrepentant, and still looking for a handout.

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