What Is WebChaver?

The idea of Internet Accountability is simple: A person will certainly not view inappropriate material on the internet if others could see what they have viewed. WebChaver (using the acclaimed Covenant Eyes software) will send an easy-to-read report of your internet activity to a Chaver of your choice; a spouse, parent, or friend, who can view the report and ensure your browsing integrity.

This concept is not new. Our Sages tell us that a shomer (guardian) that has the ability to check up on someone is an effective safeguard against sin. Many Halachic authorities have declared the Internet to be no different than being alone with a forbidden woman (yichud). The most effective way to counter this is by appointing a shomer – someone that can “check up” on your activity and ensure the internet is being used only for the good.

From their website.

Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovitz is a big fan. He adds one should also have some form of filter (WebChaver offers an optional one, too).

Check it out.

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