The ‘Precautionary Principle’ is Probably Pagan

Aside from massive fraud, known censorship, and proposed state means for handling such long-range “environmental” problems, as “global warming”, “overpopulation”, AI risks, etc., I suspect the mindset itself is wrong, maybe even heretical.


Future technology often solves problems created by present technology, unless this is prevented by the state. This was shown true for many Malthusian fears, nuclear safety, etc.

Let the future take care of the future.

As the Gemara says, Sanhedrin 95a:

אמר ליה מאי בעית הכא אמר ליה הכי אמר לי קודשא בריך הוא והכי אהדרי ליה אמר ליה אפיך צלותיך בר ברך קירא ליזבון ואת לא תצטער

This requires further examination.

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