Or Yarok – a Start, at Least

From Wikipedia:

The Or Yarok Association for Safer Driving in Israel, known simply as Or Yarok (Hebrew: אור ירוק‎‎, “Green light”), is a not-for-profit traffic safety lobbyist organization dedicated to reducing road accidents in Israel through education, enforcement, and improvement of infrastructure.


… Or Yarok made headlines in late-2010 with their radio and billboard campaign which denounced Israeli Transportation Minister Israel Katz for increasing rates of traffic fatalities in Israel.

Besides general community-outreach activities Or Yarok maintains a research division that studies and reports on the state of traffic safety in Israel. One of the more notable reports released by Or Yarok was a scathing critique on local governments after Israel was found to have the highest traffic fatality rate in the modern world for children aged 14 and under.

It’s hard to blame secular Israelis for socialism when sad as this is, they hardly know better. At least one organization is pointing out all the deaths by government roads, and some apparent causes, even if many of their solutions are misguided.

Yes, I sound too moderate…

Here’s their (Hebrew) site.

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