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Raising the Bar Beyond the Average Person’s Reach

Posted on:October 13, 2015

Posted by:Rabbi Shmuel Gluck

Since High school and post High School interviews are looming in the coming weeks for both boys and girls, this article intends to help parents decide which are the most appropriate schools for their children. (I’ve written an extensive article describing my approach to school placements, and will gladly forward it to anyone interested.)

Several parts of this article may seem as if they’re directed towards changing the Yeshiva system, but they aren’t. I often tell parents that it’s not their responsibility to grade, judge, or fix, the Chinuch System. Their only job is to be objective as to what’s best for their children, and follow through with those conclusions.

Many people believe that for children (This article speaks to parents, but applies equally to adults, and their aspirations for personal growth.) to reach their maximum potential, they must be presented with increasingly higher standards. I’ve found that this attitude, the unrealistically raising of what will be defined as the norm, is the belief of many of our schools, families, and individuals.

Classroom hours are increasing, the calendar is expanding, and there’s pressure to learn outside of mandatory class time. The image of a Ben Torah/Chassidishe student in the minds of many people has been expanded beyond what most people would’ve imagined when they were younger.

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