Media: It’s Not What They Say but What They Don’t Say

The Israeli media consistently skate over the single most important detail in every news report of private citizens: Was the subject Jewish? They never bother to find out, and when they know, they carefully leave it out. It’s part of their war against Judaism.

“X had an accident!”

Was he Jewish? If not, it’s far less newsworthy, or newsworthy for a drastically different reason.

Imagine a high school’s urgent, blaring announcement to all parents:

“Teenager Arrested in 8A Classroom for Major Arson the Day Before!”

And uh, by the way, it happened to be the janitor’s son. He dropped in on his father sweeping during recess. The son is not now nor has he ever been a student at the school in question (or any other)…

I gather current regime media in many countries do something similar with favored groups (immigrant and black crimes are reported on as “youths”, for instance).

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