How to Lead an Adaptive Life

Curtis Yavin (in the comments):

The entire intellectual system of the West was corrupted by its 20th-century connection to government. Public opinion reflects press opinion, press opinion reflects academic politics, and academic politics are driven by power-struggles in which the attraction of the state is clear.

The victory of Keynesian over Misesian economics, for example, is a classic case of this. Theories of economics which led to jobs advising the state were adaptive. Theories which didn’t weren’t.

Borrowing evolutionary biological terms for anything but evolutionary biology spooks me…

Get to the point!


Lies are “adaptive” short term, not long term. Truth works… eventuallyI footnote myself here as proof (that post didn’t get enough eyes, anyway!).

An expression leaps to mind: בשעת המכניסין פזר בשעת המפזרים כנס.

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