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What Does It Mean To Be “Pro-Israel”?

14 Marcheshvan 5777

After all this time and after all that has been revealed, Jews are still confused. They are currently dividing the world up into those who are so-called “pro-Israel” and those who are not. The former are perceived as our “friends” and the latter as our enemies. God forbid, some have taken it so far as to view some of our more powerful “friends” as “saviors”!

But, what does it really mean to be “pro-Israel”? Very simply, it means they identify with Israel. They perceive Israel to be just like them, espousing theirvalues and living out their vision of our destiny – you know, the Christianized, Westernized “Jewish” State that hosts no less than eight separate US military facilities and hundreds of missionary organizations. They view Israel as a staunch ally and trusted promoter of Western values, especially to the Arab/Islamic world.

But, have you ever thought about what will be The Day After Mashiach is crowned?

Here are a few things Mashiach is Torah-bound to do which will enrage the entire world, including the American President:

Outlaw the practice of false religions.
Closure of their places of worship.
Destruction of idols.
Deportation of all missionaries and confiscation of all of their properties in Israel.

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From Tomer Devorah, here.

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