Israel Democracy Institute: Israelis Optimistic But Not About Politics

Excerpt in English from Hamodia:

The survey found widespread dissatisfaction with the country’s politicians. It reported that 68 percent of all respondents felt that Knesset members do not perform their duties properly, and 80 percent believe politicians are more concerned with their own interests than those of their constituents.

Power via politics is an illusion, so disillusionment is good. The results are even more significant considering the “Rightist” government coalitions.

Yet, there was a startling inconsistency between perceptions of public figures versus the country as a whole, about which respondents were much more positive.

Tamar Hermann, an Israeli professor who led the research, acknowledged that while the dissatisfaction levels were similar to last year’s survey, this year there was a marked increase in people who believe the country’s overall situation is good, to 48 percent from 36.5 percent last year. Nearly three-quarters of Israelis are satisfied with their personal situations.

Why is that inconsistent?! Country ≠ State.

The study interviewed 1,024 people and had a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points. The margin increased to 3.4 points for Jewish respondents and 7.9 points for the smaller Arab sample size. The research was conducted in May, but took months to analyze and publish. Hermann said, however, that public opinion on such issues is “pretty stable.”

Of course, people lie to pollsters, but I assume they lie in the other direction.

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