Here’s the Sheet

All those masters of Jewish Apologetics are clear in denying the “hole in the sheet” rumor.

  1. Another blood libel!
  2. There is no source or hint of this in Jewish texts.
  3. It’s clear antisemitism!
  4. Pleasure is part of the mitzva (true).
  5. No Jew thinks so or does so or ever, ever thought of thinking to do so.
  6. Demanding this of one’s wife would be grounds for divorce (true).

They fail to mention this Yerushalmi at the beginning of Yevamos (probably the ignoramuses never heard of it):

… דרבי יוסי בן חלפתא ייבם את אשת אחיו, חמש חרישות חרש וחמש נטיעות נטע ודרך סדין בעל

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