Government Education Is Unsatisfactory – Surprise!

Most Israeli Parents Dissatisfied with Schools

(Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 07:00 PM)

A study conducted by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute shows most Israeli parents are not satisfied with the level of the nation’s schools. 69% of parents feel the schools are simply not doing their jobs as they should and 64% feel the teachers are not as dedicated to their profession as they should be.

Dr. Anat Dofen conducted the study during the last two months; questioning 800 parents (470 families) who children attend state public and public religious schools. 60% of the parents feel the principal at their children’s school is not fulfilling his job as he should, 59% dissatisfied with the level of studies, and 58% displeased with the social atmosphere in the school.

Overall, the level of satisfaction is higher among fathers than mothers, in all the areas probed. For example, 45% of dads are pleased with the social atmosphere in school as compared to 40% among moms.

Regarding their opinion of the school’s principal, fathers rated his performance grade as 33% as opposed to mothers, who gave an even lower grade, 29%.

Regarding teachers, 60% feel their child’s teacher is doing a good job relating to their child, 55% approving of methodology, 54% feel the teacher genuinely cares, 50% with the teachers ability to teach, and the overall rating for teachers is 62%, not very impressive.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

From Yeshiva World, here.

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