Does Legalized Same-Sex Marriage Invoke the Punishment of a Flood?

So some say.

Chulin 92 doesn’t say much, so they quote Bereishis Rabbah 26:4 instead:

רבי הונא בשם רבי אמר, דור המבול לא נימוחו מן העולם עד שכתבו גמומסיות לזכר ולבהמה.

But no one treats animals as capable of entering into a contract, even via court-custodian (although I think there might be some exceptions in the Arka’os regarding inheritance).

OK. Well, they can still quote Vayikra Rabbah 23:9:

רב הונא בשם רבי יוסי אמר דור המבול לא נמחו מן העולם אלא ע”י שכתבו גומסיות לזכר ולנקבה

Still, the government isn’t us. Otherwise, as Rothbard says, the Holocaust was mass Jewish suicide, and that doesn’t make much sense. Democracy doesn’t reflect the will of the people (except, maybe, on taxes).

Most people aren’t on board with the states’ relativistic/humanistic agendas. They just don’t care. The public definition of marriage hasn’t changed yet.

History rhymes, but doesn’t always repeat itself. Go slower on the eschatology.

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