Direct Torah Study Beats Rabbi-Watching

[The] Chazon Ish z”tl, answered a yeshiva student’s question. The student’s question was, “If it is forbidden to use electricity on the Shabbos, then why is electricity used on Shabbos in the Beis Medrash of the Yerushalmi Rav from the Adah Hachareidis?”
The Chazon Ish explained in the manner and fashion of a `m`chanech’.
1. Concerning a law and its rules, we never take into account what we see others do, even concerning a great Rav. We only have to be concerned with and know exactly what is written in the Torah.
2. The prohibition does not apply to the electric company of Yerushalayim because its owners and workers work only by the hour and they are not Jewish. (This is how it was under the British mandate.)
  • “P`er Hador” (2nd book, page 81)

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