Apologizing for Amah Ha’ivriyah

I always wonder about the professional Jewish apologists

Wait, what do you mean?

Those who try to “justify” Judaism using a foreign scale of values, often dishonestly to boot; Aish, Ohr Sameyach, etc.

Where was I? Right.

When speaking of slavery’s “mention” in Torah – and Torah law, these demagogues mention slaves are treated well or quote Rabbi Kook’s assertion that slavery is a temporary concession, they use laundered terms for “slave” such as “indentured servant” or the like, point out that these laws require Yovel, etc. And they hope you don’t notice how weak their points are.

How come they don’t quote Megillah 27a which forbids selling one’s daughter as a maidservant? Don’t they know anything not brought down in the Shulchan Aruch?

תנו רבנן לא ימכור אדם ספר תורה אף על פי שאינו צריך לו.

יתר על כן אמר רבן שמעון בן גמליאל אפילו אין לו מה יאכל ומכר ספר תורה או בתו אינו רואה סימן ברכה לעולם

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