Rabbi Anava on Wealth in Judaism

Will observing the Torah make me rich? – Rabbi Alon Anava

Published on Jun 8, 2017

Everyone wants to be rich. Is it in our hands? can we all be rich? is it even worth being rich? and what does it really mean to be rich? – all this and much more in this lecture

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And Don’t You Dare Come Back!

Historic Change on the Temple Mount: By Moshe Feiglin


Although I anticipated that Netanyahu would remove the metal detectors from the Temple Mount,  and although I very much hoped that I would be proven wrong, things are developing in such an amazing and fascinating manner, that you cannot but think that perhaps we are on the threshold of an historic change of direction. I will even take the bold step and say that I am not certain that the Arabs will return to the Temple Mount.

Everything happening today on the Temple Mount is the opposite of what you would expect. After Israel liberated the Temple Mount in the Six Day War, then Defense Minister Moshe Dayan returned the keys to the Temple Mount to the Moslem wakf. They were in shock. Fifty years later, Netanyahu is begging the wakf to take the Mount back, and they are simply not willing to do so. This is inexplicable. Israel has already removed the metal detectors and has even taken down the security cameras. My feeling is that no matter what Netanyahu will do to try to get them to come back to the Temple Mount, they will not return.

The forces that rule Israeli society sincerely do not want the Temple Mount. Eight days ago, I wrote on my Facebook page: Did you really think that the person who prevented Trump from moving the US embassy to Jerusalem will insist on safeguarding the Temple Mount for the Jewish People? If the US had moved its embassy to Jerusalem, it would have been a major strategic coup for Israel. When the world’s superpower would have officially recognized that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, there would have been far-reaching, historic implications. But Israel’s current strategy is to get to 12 o’ clock at night with no major incidents. Deep down, Israel’s leadership is afraid of Jerusalem, afraid of Jerusalem’s message, of the connection between the Nation of Israel and its identity, its destiny and its vision.

Just as Moshe Dayan didn’t want Jerusalem, Netanyahu doesn’t want it, either. Jordan’s King Hussein forced Six Day War Prime Minister Levi Eshkol to liberate Jerusalem against his will – and all the stenographic records show that Dayan offered Hussein the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood. “Take it and just stop shelling us. We will be out of here in no time.” Actually, just as Hussein forced Israel to liberate Jerusalem, so the Moslem wakf  is forcing Netanyahu to apply Israeli sovereignty to the Temple Mount. What the wakf is actually saying to Netanyahu is, “I will shoot at you and I will not allow you to protect yourself.” This historic change can only happen to the Nation of Israel. It is simply amazing.

The problem is that Am Yisrael does not have leadership that is capable of understanding these historic processes and translating them into practical strategy: to a different strategic direction that translates into different tactics – leadership that is capable of taking advantage of the wondrous opportunities that have now arisen.

The Temple Mount is empty. After fifty years, it is in our hands. The Arabs are not there. Only Jews are on the Temple Mount. This is absolutely amazing.

The Moslem wakf is completely right about the metal detectors. For years, Israel has been saying that the Temple Mount belongs to the Arabs. So if it is theirs, why are we putting metal detectors at the gates of their home? The Arabs understand very well that the metal detectors are a flag that symbolizes sovereignty.  The entire situation on the Temple Mount revolves around sovereignty – not prayer. When Netanyahu folded and agreed to remove the metal detectors, he cut the rope that ties us to this Land precisely at that stake to which everything else is tied. All of the rights on this Land, all of our connection to this Land, to Zionism (Mount Zion – the Temple Mount), everything from which we draw our identity, all revolve around the Temple Mount.

From the moment that Netanyahu folded and indicated that the Mount is theirs, not ours, he opened the door, G-d forbid, to ever-increasing pressure on Israel. The US, which wanted to stand with us on this issue, will turn against us. Trump will turn against us now. It is not his fault – it is ours. We have just missed an extraordinary opportunity.

In my estimation, Israel’s weakness on the Temple Mount will bring a very serious conflict upon us with much more difficult starting conditions because, with the metal detectors, we have lost the sense of the justice of our cause. A nation that has lost its sense of justice cannot win – even if it has the most sophisticated army, the smartest submarines, the F-15, the F-16 and the F-35. A young Arab girl with a pair of scissors who knows what she is doing here will defeat an Israeli soldier with the most sophisticated weapon. Ultimately, justice is the best weapon of all. We have lost our justice on the Temple Mount.

I can only hope that Jews who were apprehensive about visiting the Temple Mount will now visit there. It was not very pleasant to have the wakf following every movement of one’s lips on the Temple Mount to make sure no Jew would pray there. Even now, the government has instructed the police to conduct the Jewish visits to the Temple Mount as if the wakf is still there.  Jews are still not allowed to move their lips in prayer on the Temple Mount. The police still watch their every move as if the Arabs were still there. They have not yet freed themselves of the servile, exile mentality that has prevailed there until now. Nevertheless, it is much more pleasant to be on the Temple Mount without all the violent Arab groups who would scream at and threaten the Jewish visitors. I can only hope that the Nation of Israel will vote with its feet and restore our sovereignty to the Temple Mount and to our justice, saving us from paying the price that we pay when the world sees that we are incapable of connecting to the most sacred place for the Jewish Nation.

The war for the existence of the Nation of Israel is first and foremost spiritual. It revolves around the question of the ownership of this Land. This war is not being fought today by the IDF, not the police, the Shabak or the Mossad. It is being fought by those Jews who are not willing to surrender their connection to the holiest place on earth.

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דרוש לתשעה באב

כתיב סוף איכה, השיבנו ה’ אליך וגו’. כי אם מאס מאסתנו קצפת עלינו עד מאד. וכתב רש”י, “בשביל שחטאנו לא היה לך להרבות קצף עד מאד כאשר קצפת”. ונשמע כהטחת דברים כלפי מעלה, תחת להצדיק דין שמים. וי”ל, דר”ל אדרבא שהכל מאהבה, כי אילו מאסתנו לא קצפת כולי האי, רק הנחת מידך.

וכן איתא בכתובות ס”ו ב’, ת”ר מעשה ברבן יוחנן בן זכאי שהיה רוכב על החמור והיה יוצא מירושלים והיו תלמידיו מהלכין אחריו ראה ריבה אחת שהיתה מלקטת שעורים מבין גללי בהמתן של ערביים כיון שראתה אותו נתעטפה בשערה ועמדה לפניו אמרה לו רבי פרנסני אמר לה בתי מי את אמרה לו בת נקדימון בן גוריון אני, כו’. אמרה לו רבי זכור אתה כשחתמת על כתובתי אמר להן לתלמידיו זכור אני כשחתמתי על כתובתה של זו והייתי קורא בה אלף אלפים דינרי זהב מבית אביה חוץ משל חמיה. בכה רבן יוחנן בן זכאי ואמר אשריכם ישראל בזמן שעושין רצונו של מקום אין כל אומה ולשון שולטת בהם ובזמן שאין עושין רצונו של מקום מוסרן ביד אומה שפלה ולא ביד אומה שפלה אלא ביד בהמתן של אומה שפלה.

וכתב מהרש”א שם:

גמ’ מעשה בריב”ז כו’ והיה יוצא מירושלים כו’. אחר החורבן היה שחזר ויצא ממקום שהיה לירושלים שכבר יצא מירושלים קודם החורבן כדאיתא פרק הניזקין שהרי נקדימון מג’ עשירים שקודם החורבן היה בירושלים כדאיתא שם… ואמר אשריכם ישראל בזמן שאתם עושין רצונו של מקום כו’ ובזמן שאין עושין רצונו כו’. אמר אשריכם על שני הצדדים כי באמת שני ההפכיות הם למעלות ישראל כי כל אומה ואומה יש לה שר ומזל בשמים משא”כ ישראל שאין להם שום מזל אבל הם חלק ה’ כי יעקב חבל נחלתו. וע”כ כשעושין רצונו הם למעלה מכל האומות ושריהם כמ”ש הבט נא השמימה וגו’ שדרשו שהוציא את אברהם החוצה למעלה מכל צבא השמים דאין הבטה אלא מלמעלה למטה, אבל כשאין עושין רצונו כו’ הקב”ה מסלק שכינתו מהם והרי הם שפלים ונבזים מכל האומות שיש להם שר ומזל ולישראל אין שר ומזל.

וכבר הבטיח (ויקרא כ”ו מ”ד) ואף גם זאת בהיותם בארץ איביהם לא מאסתים ולא געלתים לכלתם להפר בריתי אתם כי אני ה’ אלקיהם. (אגב, זהו ק”ו לא”י, דלא כשוטים הללו של סאטמר.)

יהושע אמר (כ”ג י”ד – ט”ז), והנה אנכי הולך היום בדרך כל הארץ וידעתם בכל לבבכם ובכל נפשכם כי לא נפל דבר אחד מכל הדברים הטובים אשר דבר ה’ אלקיכם עליכם הכל באו לכם לא נפל ממנו דבר אחד. והיה כאשר בא עליכם כל הדבר הטוב אשר דבר ה’ אלקיכם אליכם כן יביא ה’ עליכם את כל הדבר הרע עד השמידו אותכם מעל האדמה הטובה הזאת אשר נתן לכם ה’ אלקיכם. בעברכם את ברית ה’ וגו’.

וה”ה להיפך כאשר החלות להראות את עבדך את גדלך ואת ידך החזקה וגו’, בב”א.

(יחד עם חכ”א)

Internet: A Loaded Gun

A Few Tips to Bear in Mind While Browsing

(Keyword: safety) (Published: December 2012 / טבת תשע”ג)

Be aware. Driver’s Ed teachers generally begin their first class with this opening line: “A car is a lethal weapon.” The message is clear: The first step toward becoming a responsible driver is to become aware that a car has the potential to kill. If one is unaware of the potential dangers of the internet, he will not be able to protect himself against them. Acknowledge the dangers.

The internet is a microcosm of the world. Everything – good and bad – that can be found in the world can be found online. Having said that, it’s not surprising that 12% of all websites were designed for the sole purpose of disseminating internet immorality*. In addition, the internet also offers instant access to gossip, slander and other harmful content. Everything we read influences us on some level, even if we vehemently disagree. Keep a safe distance.

* i.e. commercialized explicit material

Staggering statistics. Besides for the breaches it causes in sanctity and purity, internet immorality breaks up families, destroys lives, and causes severe financial losses. 56% of all divorces in the United States involve a husband or a wife who is addicted to internet immorality.* One third of people who become addicted lose their jobs. And addicts are twice as likely to suffer from severe clinical depression.

* Study conducted by Matrimonial Lawyers Association

Don’t take that first cigarette. While smoking one cigarette won’t make you an addict, one exposure may be all it takes to jumpstart an internet immorality addiction. Experts say that recovering from an internet immorality addiction is more difficult than recovering from a substance addiction.

Think before you click. In the physical world, getting around takes time. If one is tempted to go to the wrong places, he has an opportunity to reevaluate and change his mind on the way. However, on the digital superhighway, all it takes is a split second. Get into the habit of “thinking before you click.”

Don’t be naïve. Many parents assume “my kid would never do that”. Recognize that it’s natural for every healthy child to be curious. Your child is a good kid, but he’s no exception. Don’t hand your child a loaded gun.

Don’t let yourself become a click-vegetable. Whether you use the internet for business, bill payments, or Torah study, maintaining a clear goal while browsing is crucial. Don’t just click for the sake of clicking or your brain will rot. Stay focused.

Patience is prime. Internet products are often advertised as “instant” and “with the click of a mouse…”. If having information readily available enables us to be more productive – that’s great. But it can also lead us to believe that “anything that’s not instant is not worth having”. Spiritual growth requires enormous patience.

Life is a tremendous opportunity. Don’t click your days into oblivion. Accomplish, grow, excel; make the most of your life!

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