Keep Repeating the Truth; Eventually They’ll Come Around

Ron Paul: The American Who Talks Truth to Power

Ron Paul is the most intelligent, articulate and courageous spokesman of foreign policy realism in the US. Though for most of his career he has been an outsider his views on foreign policy are gaining a wider audience.

If one were to believe the western narrative, a political dissident is someone standing up against a political regime which has fallen out of favour with NATO. For example one could point to Ahmed Chalabi, the thieving Iraqi con-artist who authored many of the lies which were repeated by George Bush and Tony Blair in the run up to the disastrous war on Iraq.

But for those with a more expansive and honest lexicon, a political dissident is someone who stands against the status quo and fights for a totally new method of government against great odds. Ron Paul is a man who fits this definition and as such,  he has become one of the most admirable political dissidents of the 21st century.

Initially trained as a medical doctor, Paul entered the US Congress first in 1977. Although he had two periods of absence from Congress first between 1977 and 1979 and then between 1985 and 1987, he is generally considered to have a long and notable Congressional career. However, his fame on an international level came during his two attempts at securing the presidential nomination of the Republican party, first in 2008 and then in 2012.

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His attempts at becoming president introduced Paul as the only anti-war candidate of the two major American parties. This led to frequent clashes with the establishment of both parties which were and remain pro-war, so much so they are looking to start new wars before even contemplating how to end ongoing wars.

Although Donald Trump has brought a generally anti-interventionist and NATO-sceptic view to mainstream politics due to his personal profile, Ron Paul’s consistency in opposing US military action is long standing and based on clearly defined principles.

First of all, Paul has challenged the legality of recent wars under US law, deeming them to be unconstitutional abuses of power.

Secondly, Ron Paul challenges the pragmatism of war, questions the hidden motives for war and highlights the plethora of double standards which are rife in Washington and much of Europe.

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Rabbi Kahane on Allowing Non-Jews Into Israel

Here are some excerpts from Ohr Hara’ayon, translated by Tomer Devorah, here:

If a non-Jew sincerely wishes to be a resident alien [ger toshav], to abandon idolatry and undertake the seven Noahide laws, thereby sanctifying G-d’s name, better that he should do this and live in Eretz Yisrael than to live outside the Land as an idolater and profane G-d’s name. Clearly, however, all this applies only if he accepts conditions guaranteeing that he remain isolated from Israel, and ensuring his understanding that Eretz Yisrael is the exclusive land of the Jewish People and that he has only the right to reside there.

Therefore, besides the conditions enumerated above, the Torah established additional restrictions. First, Sifri says [Ibid.), “‘In your midst’: And not on the border.” The reason for this is simple. We still suspect him lest he aid the enemy and endanger us. Second, Sifri teaches (Ibid.), “‘[To reside]… in your gates’ (Deut. 23:17): In your gates and not in Jerusalem.” Jerusalem’s holiness cannot bear the impurity of a non-Jew, hence, even a non-Jew allowed to live everywhere else in Eretz Yisrael is forbidden to live in the Holy City. It would seem that to live there while passing through is permitted, for that is not called “residence.”

Sifri also teaches (Ibid.): “‘He shall be allowed to reside with you’ (Deut. 23:17): And not in the city itself.” I believe the simple interpretation of this is that although a particular non-Jew can be permitted to live in Eretz Yisrael “with you,” …we are still required to separate from him, hence we are forbidden to settle him among us in the same city with Jews.

…we are allowed – not obligated – to let such a non-Jew live in Eretz Yisrael. If, for any reason, we fear danger or deception, then we are certainly permitted and required to forbid every non-Jew, even the resident alien, to live in the Land(after all, even converts were rejected during certain periods for certain reasons).

These laws are easy to forget without constant review. For more on this by Rabbi Kahane, see here. Or search Rabbi Brand’s site.

תשקורת ממשלתית

התקשורת היום היא כולה פה למדינה. הנה דוגמא מכתבה סתמית בעיתון – העתקתי ראשי פרקים:

במשרד להגנת… 

המשרד… מסר כי הוא יעדכן את הציבור… כמו כן המשרד ממליץ…

פורסם בתקשורת… אך במועצת… טענו… 

דובר [עוד משרד ממשלתי] פב”פ מסר כי “…”


פב”פ מוסיף כי “…” 

בינתיים נמסר… אך הממשלה מכחישה כי… הממשלה בודקת…

יצויין כי במועצת… טוענים כי… במקביל הוגשה תלונה במשטרה. קצין… פב”פ מסר כי…


קול החינוך: מפתח גליונות 1-85, וגליון #86

בהכוונת גדולי התורה שליט”א

יו”ל ע”י ‘ועד הורים’ למסירת מידע ומשלוח מסמכים בס”ד 03-691-5752 :טלפקס [email protected]

קול החינוך עוסק במלחמת מדינת ישראל בחינוך יהודי עצמאי.

גליונות 1 – 85:

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גליון 86:

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Reprinted with permission.