Where Satmar Has No Problem With Zionism

Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar was opposed to benefitting from the Zionists to the extent that he forbade visiting liberated holy sites. What does he do with the verse יכין וצדיק ילבש, Iyov 27:17? But I digress. The Rebbe also regarded thanking Zionist individuals or thanking God for the results of Zionism as heretical.

But the question must be asked: Rabbi Yoel himself was saved from the Nazis through notorious Zionist Rudolph Kastner. He accepted a seat on the train of rescue, and he and his followers celebrate the “Yom Hatzalah”, or day of personal redemption, ever since.

Kastner was mentioned later but in a different way.

Yes, yes, I’m sure there’s a perfectly good answer, but these facts do need to be juxtaposed.

Also, it’s rumored the Rebbe accepted a certificate for immigration to Palestine, which raises other problems.

This article is inspired by Rabbi Yitzchak Brand, in this piece.

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