What’s the Difference between Emuna and Bitachon?

Stop trying to split hairs; let me tell you the answer:

Take Iyov in his toughest moments. His children [seem] dead, his property gone, and his body is wracked with pain. Now imagine a man blessed with children, property and good health who sees all this and knows Iyov ought to have Bitachon in Hashem.

האמונה והבטחון אחת היא, רק האמונה היא המבט הכללי של בעליה, והבטחון המבט של המאמין על עצמו, האמונה בבחינת הלכה, והבטחון בבחינת מעשה

  • Chazon Ish “Emuna Ubitachon” 2:2

The second man, at least, has Emuna…

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