Was Rabbi Aaron Kotler a Brisker?

A quote from here:

Reb Aharon and The Brisker Derech

I’m really astonished when I hear certain individuals say that Reb Aharon’sderech in learning was like the Brisker derech. It was not Brisker. Anyone who was in the shiur who has any brains at all cannot say that Reb Aharon was a Brisker. His style was altogether different. His style was binyan, and he told me personally that a svorah, you could say this way or that way, but you never know the truth. If you have a raya, then you know where you’re going. Then you know what the truth is. If you have a cheshbon and it fits together, then you know it’s true. But a svorah you can say any way you want. Svoras don’t mean anything. He was very much against stam sayingsvoras.

The Brisker way is a lot of saying svoras. Saying svoras this way, sayingsvoras that way. He was very much against that style. He wanted people to learn and to know and he just didn’t believe in it.

I once asked him when they were selling Reb Boruch Ber. I was very enamored with the sefer. You couldn’t get it at that time. Seforim were hard to come by. Now there’s a tremendous abundance of seforim.

But with that sefer, there was a shailah that the people who had originally printed it claimed that the new printer had no right to print it. But it was being sold and I asked the Rosh Yeshiva if I was allowed to buy it.

The Rosh Yeshiva said, “Yes, you’re allowed to buy it.” But he also said, “You shouldn’t look at it until after 11:00 at night.”

He held that you have to learn the Gemara, Rashi, the Rishonim, whatever you should learn, and listen to the shiurim, and that’s it. You want it? Look at it 11:00 at night. You want to look at another sefer? Okay. But basically, that’s what he held, and whoever told you otherwise, it’s just a story. No question about it.

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