Want To Use Cosmetics on Shabbos?


Allison Chait is a professional makeup artist. She has her own style as an artist and she uses her creativity to give her clients the glamorous look they want. Allison is also an expert with airbrushing foundations, lips, eyes, blush and contouring facial structure. She works patiently with her clients and knows how to deal with brides and families under pressure on their big day!! She has over 10 years of experience and has been busy building her business into a success!

Allison is the owner of Shabbos Brushups cosmetics, she has been able to reach out to all different Jewish communities to help women feel beautiful and look stunning on Shabbos. Allison believed it was very important for women to look there best on Shabbos and to have the ability to go to the Mikvah Friday night and be able to wear makeup afterwards. This will help women fulfill the Mitzvah and to feel good about themselves inside as they will look beautiful on the outside, on Shabbos!

Shabbos Brushups cosmetics is makeup that may be applied on Shabbos. The halachic guidelines are brought down from Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l. Shabbos makeup must be in a powdered form and there are halachas that must be followed. Shabbos Brushups has a full line of makeup. The mineral powder gives as natural, moisturized glo that looks fresh and creamy. The packaging of Brushups Makeup is unique and outstanding! Most of the compacts are refillable so it makes it easier for customers to bring back there color and get the refills for half the price or less.

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