Want More Money? Just Vote Yourself a Raise!

Hamodia is a good source for clean Israeli news in English, even if their “Charedi” perspective is always disgusting:

The Knesset Finance Committee has acted to correct a disparity in official incomes, bringing ministerial salaries in line with those of Knesset members, whose salaries have come to exceed those of ministers.

The anomaly was due to the fact that lawmakers’ salaries were linked to the average wage, while ministers’ were pegged to the consumer price index. At the time that linkage was created, the CPI was rising faster than wages; but after the situation reversed, MKs began earning more than ministers.

Oy vey! How about we lower their salaries, instead, to motivate them to stop hurting us?! Except, well, who’s “We”?

Under the new regime, ministers will receive a pay raise of 5,000 monthly, and 5,500 to the prime minister, at a cost to the taxpayers of about 2 million shekels.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s salary will now be 49,600 a month. Ministers’ salaries will go up from 39,200 to 44,200, according to Ynet on Monday.

Oh, is that all?!

Opposition MKs were opposed, saying that lawmakers should not set their own salaries. “It keeps happening that MKs make decisions on their own affairs in a complete conflict of interest. It’s unreasonable,” said MK Mickey Rosenthal (Zionist Camp). “We need to appoint an external committee.”

Haha! Explain to me real slow now how the State appoints an “external committee”.

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