Understanding the Na Nach Movement

Here’s an excerpt:

Evaluating reform movements is never easy, except for the “true believers” of the reform. For the “Believers” it all seems so clear and obvious. I believe these occasional shocks to the system are vital for the well being of the organism. This does not mean they should be accepted without challenge and critique however. This is vital. ALL reforms to Judaism must be Torah consistent; Nanach is. Other “Punk” reforms must be evaluated on their own merits. My main focus here is Nanach.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, some Nanachs push the envelope too far and enter the realms of lashon hara and rechilut against the leaders of our people. This is usually a tendency of all reform movements since they are seeking to reform what they consider the mismanagement of the rabbinim in some area. One should take great care to avoid this without fearing to act when needed. Sometimes one must speak up because those who fail to do so have a share in the wrong.

The rabbinim are collectively the leaders of our people. Like all humans, they are fallible and make mistakes, sometimes serious ones. Jews who love our shared Traditions and our people do well to seek reforms that enhance our community and lead to our collective development and the betterment of the world. Tikun Olam should always be the kavanah of all Jewish reformers.

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