Three Tips for the Amidah

1. Pray only concerning the coming hours until the next Amidah. It’s hard to muster focus when extending the wish for Torah understanding to the rest of your life. Praying to succeed in all Torah study that occurs until Mincha, however, is doable (and measurable).

2. Viduy. Add what you and God both know about your recent actions and inactions to the right place in the Amidah. It’s good practice. This used to be the major cause of “Ma’arich betefillah”.

3. Recommit to the mitzvah of loving your Jewish coreligionists where applicable (“Ve’ahavta lerei’acha kamocha, ani Hashem”) beforehand. No one does it because the Arizal said to do it. They do it because it makes their Amidah better. Try.

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