There is Nothing Wrong With Money!

There are Jews who believe, with many Cursedians, money is an unnatural, necessary evil. They aren’t Marxists, but close. Their conclusion is that media of exchange are only for this, imperfect world, not Olam Haba (the World to Come). Sure, money will still be abolished, just not by man. I don’t recall what proof is brought to this position but here is a counter, from Pesachim 119a:

אמר רבי חמא בר חנינא שלש מטמוניות הטמין יוסף במצרים אחת נתגלה לקרח ואחת נתגלה לאנטונינוס בן אסוירוס ואחת גנוזה לצדיקים לעתיד לבא
The truth is that money is a natural, wonderful thing when used correctly.

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