There is No ‘Scale of Offenses’ Against the State

The Penalty is Always Death

Yesterday, the NYPD opened fire on an unarmed suspect in Times Square. Luckily for the suspect, the NYPD has terrible aim. Not so lucky, were the two innocent bystanders struck by taxpayer funded bullets flying indiscriminately through the polluted urban air. This all started because the NYPD allegedly saw the man stumbling around on 8th Avenue. Moments later, they started spraying bullets in his general direction, in one of the most crowded places on the planet.

I can think of no better opportunity to take the chance to point out, that the penalty for disobeying agents of the State, is always death. I’m borrowing the title from a 2008 article by Mike Gogulski on, but what follows are my own thoughts, and it’s a point I’ve been making for a long time, that everyone, or at least, every anarchist, on some level, knows is true.

Whether you stand accused of stumbling, smoking marijuana, ignoring threatening letters, driving too fast, or parking too long, the outcome is always the same, threats of violence. If, when the armed thugs come to extract their vengeance, you become compliant, true enough, you are likely to survive the encounter. If however, you treat them like the criminals they are, they too will display their true nature, and kill you where you stand.

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