The Vote Is In!

Here is the list of articles our readers enjoyed most recently. Since I have not listed our popular posts for a few months, this list is longer than usual.

Note: I don’t mention which authors’ pages are frequented most.

יהודי עקשן

“He who has mercy on the cruel will ultimately be cruel to the merciful”

אשרי הדור שהגדולים נשמעים לקטנים

לעולם לא יהיו יותר מדי ישיבות

Hyehudi Daily Newsletter

ספר ‘מענה לאגרות’ נגד שו”ת אגרות משה

Rabbi Shach’s False Bitachon and Poor Leadership

Rabbi Elyashiv’s Mesirah: It Didn’t Even Pay

Who Invented ‘Da’as Torah’?

Against Da’as Torah – Jewish Clericalism

Respect Must Be Earned

Mendacious Messianic Modalities

There is Something Fishy About the State

קלני מראשי קלני מזרועי


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