The Uncomfortable Truth About the DDT Ban

The worldwide crusade to ban the pesticide DDT is a classic example. This crusade was begun by the much revered Rachel Carson, whose best-selling book “Silent Spring” was based on the premise that DDT’s adverse effects on the eggs of song birds would end up wiping out these species. After that, springtime would no longer be marked by birds singing; hence the silent spring.

Rachel Carson and the environmentalists she inspired have succeeded in getting DDT banned in country after country, for which they have received the accolades of many, not least their own accolades. But, in terms of the actual consequences of that crusade, there has not been a mass murderer executed in the past half-century who has been responsible for as many deaths of human beings as the sainted Rachel Carson. The banning of DDT has led to a huge resurgence of malaria in the Third World, with deaths rising into the millions.

An excerpt of Thomas Sowell from Town Hall, here.

Confirmation can be found in J. Gordon Edwards’, DDT: A Case Study in Scientific Fraud, Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons 2004.

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