The State, By Definition, Cannot Be Made Jewish

It would be important to get our act together

Here is something from from The Torah Revolution, here, interspersed with my comments:
B”H – This is just another indication of the State not being Jewish. Instead of writing petitions to the non-Jewish and anti-Torah institutions of the State, it is best to ignore and disengage from them and pretend our prescribed Jewish, Torah institutions on the Land: a Jewish king with his two Torah scrolls to head the executive according to halacha, Jewish Law, a Cohen gadol to run the Temple, G-d’s House, on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, a Sanhedrin and righteous courts in every village on the Land to administer justice.
I think the word “pretend” was meant to be “prepare” or the like.
Per definition, no good can come come out from these “democratic” institutions as democracy itself is an alien and Hellenistic system that has nothing to do with Torah.
Correct. Democracy is only for the local level, cf. Megillah 26, not the national one. Some Poskim assume democracy is equivalent to monarchy, but they offer very weak proof for the idea. The form of governance known as “democracy” is historically Hellenistic.
First step? Stop voting for kneset, stop sending petitions to them as if they were not the problem themselves.
Withdrawing consent is one way. Another might be petitions, if used strictly as a tactic. Personally, I am not smart enough to decide tactics for others. But we ought certainly stop pretending they are anything but the “Other”. As for voting, I have an original point of view on the matter, which I hope to elaborate on someday soon.
– This is a comment on New Jew Temple Mount Water Ban is a Declaration of War!
The article at the above link has been deleted, so my analysis must be limited. In general, The Torah Revolution comes recommended.

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