The Modern Expulsion From France

How are the Jews doing in France? Read excerpts from here:

… I spoke to one Yid in France who told me he operates a yeshivah in a town about an hour from Paris that has always had between 200 and 300 students. But now it has only eleven because so many Jews are afraid to publicly identify as Jews by sending their children to a Jewish school or have moved to Eretz Yisroel, Canada, or Miami.

One rebbe in Paris told me that although it is not reported in the news, and they do not want it to be, a Jewish child is beaten up in the streets virtually every day. No one knows when the next anti-Semitic or Islamic terrorist attack will occur. Everyone contemplates what to do with their bank accounts and homes. The non-Jews in Paris know that the Jews want to leave and sell their homes, so they have adopted an approach of waiting them out. Why should they offer a market price for a Jewish family’s million dollar house when they can obtain it for a fraction of that price later on?

From Dixie Yid, here. He adds:

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