‘The Internet Shiur’

The Internet Shiur is a discussion of critical information every Orthodox Jew needs to know about the internet. It provides a comprehensive worldview as well as specific technologies and detailed tips to enable safer internet usage. Featuring Rabbi Gil Student and organized together with Dovid Teitelbaum, this lecture gives you the ability to take control of your and your children’s internet experience.

Is the internet lechatchilah or bedieved, meaning is it a positive opportunity or a necessary evil? Should you let your children access the internet? Should you give them mobile devices? Can a man and woman who are not married communicate online? What do you do about the shmutz on the internet? All this and much more are addressed in The Internet Shiur.

The Internet Shiur is a six-part lecture. Search for the words “the internet shiur” on Torah Musings to find it, or see it directly on YouTube, here.

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