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Gemara Academy is helping all of my Talmidim

Dear Reb Chananya I have been using your Gemara flowcharts in my eighth grade class since the beginning of this year. The boys enjoy using them and find them very helpful. Many boys tell me that even when they knew the Gemara already, seeing it in the flowchart form makes it clearer to them. The charts are helping all the boys in the class get a better handle on the Gemara. For some it’s additional clarity and for others it helps them to get the basic Pshat, so everyone has gained by their use. Hatzlacha Rabbah in your Avodas Hakodesh.
Rabbi Avrohom Zupnik
Rebbe, Lakewood Cheder, New Jersey
Gemara Academy has totally transformed my classroom. My students appreciate seeing in front of them a clear map of the day’s Gemara, as well as the different forms of learning and review that are consistent in each lesson. Also with Gemara academy our Chavrusa time has become much more efficient and productive with a much heavier load of thoughtful questions from the Talmidim. As a teacher I also appreciate having a clear outline of my in-class goals. Gemara Academy has also greatly assisted me in my preparations outside of class.
Rabbi Shimon Emlen,
Teacher and Development Manager, MMSC Day School, Seattle Washington
Having used Gemara Academy for the last 4 years I have found it to be extremely helpful for many of the students. The PowerPoint classes help with being a visual aid, and they also provide an organized layout which helps the students have a clearer understanding of the Gemara
An appreciative Rebbe
Hamesivta, New York

When I started learning through Gemara Academy, I seriously doubted that I would be able to understand a page of Gemara, let alone the commentaries, without a live teacher to explain it. I was very, very wrong. Thanks to the explanations, especially in the form of flowcharts, of the Gemara Academy videos, I have been able to start learning Gemara at home, on my own. Every time I watch a Gemara Academy video, I learn more, and I grow increasingly more confident in my ability to understand the concepts discussed in the Gemara. Gemara Academy has changed the way I look at Gemara, and it has given me the chance to really appreciate the wisdom of the text and the commentaries. Thank you!
Washington State

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