Ten Facts about Hyehudi You May Have Missed

  1. Our About page is non-descriptive, I mean hardly descriptive, even undescriptive (nondescript, too).
  2. “This is not a news site“; we keep it unpredictable. We also rarely discuss the upcoming Parsha or Holiday.
  3. The editor wishes you would all copy him and start your own, competing playgroup. Until then, please send us your articles (especially in English)!
  4. Our site theme (skin) is free: Lifestyle, by themehit.com. For now, anyway.
  5. Some of our content, is, pssst, controversial
  6. It’s not your VPN/ad blocker/internet filter/old computer; we abjure ads (and refuse donations). Send us good Jewish readers instead.
  7. Rafi Farber endorsed us. Yes! For real!
  8. I try to schedule daily posts for Nine AM. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, or it appears that way for technical reasons. Our subscribers then assume we missed our quota of five per day.
  9. Who is our intended reader? This.
  10. We don’t discuss the Beis Hamikdash nearly as often as I wish.

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