The Right Is Schizophrenic, Zehut Included

From an interview with Moshe Feiglin:

Shalom, Moshe Feiglin. You published an article on Friday in which you attacked Netanyahu and the entire Right.

Actually, what we are experiencing here is the Right’s inability to mount any type of vision, any type of alternative message to the Left’s. It is not just Netanyahu. It is all the rightist parties over all the generations. The Right has never said what it wants. It has only said what it is not. The Right is always busy fighting the Left. If there would be no Left, there would be no Right. Without the Left, the Right would not know how to define itself.

… The time has come for all those who are connected to the purpose of our national existence here in Israel to understand that we must create a meaningful ideological alternative to the Left. Zehut’s platform does just that.

Here’s a rebellious thought:

It’s not just the Right in Israel, either. Unlike the Left which is evil and proud of it, the “true” Right is supposed to be anarchist. That’s why they support partially free markets. Edmund Burke started out as one. Once you are in the government, there are only various degrees of leftism.

The Right isn’t supposed to have a grand, overarching vision because that would be central planning.

Enough said.

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