Restore ‘Ger Toshav’ Laws Now!

The Arabs and Moshiach

The Arabs and Moshiach

By: Dovber HaLevi

Update date: 5/22/2016, 00:23 
We are told that only in the End of Days will evil yield so much power over the world. It’s a reassuring confirmation that we are, in fact, on the threshold of the arrival of Moshiach.

As the awaited day draws near, the battle for emuna intensifies. People who dedicate their life to Hashem aren’t called role models, they are branded fanatic. Those who dedicate their time to learning Torah aren’t seen for what they are: providing the world with its livelihood. It’s the opposite.

The development of the Land of Israel isn’t seen as the greatest miracle of the modern age. It is seen as an “outdated” form of “colonialism.” The rebuilding of the Third Temple isn’t perceived as the fulfillment of mankind, but rather than the repression of Muslim rights.

As a result we stopped shouting from the rooftops, on social media, or in the press that our national mission, given to us by the King of the Universe, is the full development of the Land, and the rebuilding of the Temple.

Such demands are restricted to our private prayers.

Don’t let the world intimidate you anymore. We should be bold in demanding the Third Temple. We all must be resolute in demanding the restoration of the Jewish Monarchy, and the entire Land of Israel.

Even as the world accuses us of being theocratic, bloodthirsty, warlike, and primitive, we need to remind them, as well as ourselves, that it was this very Jewish Monarchy which transmitted the very concept of humanity to mankind. This concept enabled civilization to spring forth economic and technical advancement that has lengthened and prospered the lives of almost every human on earth.

But let’s entertain the world’s foolishness for a second. Let’s answer them on their level of banality. What will happen to the Israeli Arabs, and the Palestinians once we complete our conquest of the Land of Israel, restore our monarchy, and rebuild the Holy Temple in Jerusalem?

Rabbi Lazer Brody gives us the answers:

Will the Arabs be allowed to remain in the Land of Israel once the Temple is rebuilt or do we throw them out?

If they accept the Seven Noahide mitzvoth, they can live in peace and security with us.

Does this mean they enjoy full civil liberties?

Yes, as stipulated throughout Halacha as the “Ger Toshav” status. However, according to Rabbi Yossi’s opinion in the Gemara, non-Jews will not be able to own land because the Land will belong to the tribes. But they will be able to rent.

Will they also be protected by the law?

Yes. Especially under Moshiach. The laws that govern man will apply to all of us.

Will they be slaves or second class citizens? Will they have to pay more taxes because they aren’t Jews?

Again, they are protected under the law. They can earn salaries as hired workers just like everybody else. As for taxes, they will pay less taxes than Jews. They will not be required to give the tithes that Jews are required to give Kohanim, Levi’im, and to maintain our Holy Third Temple.

* * *

Never let them convince you that what Hashem desires is inhumane or unjust. A Torah-based regime in Israel will treat every citizen with more dignity, more opportunity, and more human rights than any other regime the world has ever known.

It’s something we should be proud of.

Today’s world give us a sneak preview: Over the past 70 years – for every 1 Arab who died at the hands of a Jew throughout the Middle East, over 100 Arabs lost their life at the hands of their fellow Muslims.

Since the liberation of Judea, Shomron, the Golan, and Jerusalem, Palestinian life expectancy, real income, and general standard of living has skyrocketed. Israeli Arabs fare better than their counterparts in most of the Arab world. Does anybody want to ask the Druze up north about how happy they are to be in Israel, and not in Syria right now?

As millions of Arabs are running to Europe, None of the Arabs of Israel are leaving.

Already non-Jews do well under Israeli sovereignty. This is proof that under Moshiach, things will get even better.

We should scream to the world that we want this to happen. The key is not to be afraid.

From Breslev Israel, here.

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