re: Following Moshe Feiglin Money

 In response to the post: Following Moshe Feiglin Money, I received this response from Rafi Farber:


Read the Feiglin post today and followed the link to this:
She’s asking for answers to questions that are already answered by a simple googling. At the bottom, she asks specifically where the Charidy money, the nearly half a million raised by Zehut last year, was coming from. That’s a silly question. Donor information is public at Charidy. All donors names and amounts are clearly visible and published.
The matchers are all Jews.
See here.

I searched through this Devash person‘s Feiglin related posts. All of them are negative saturated with authoritarian values. She’s trying to smear Zehut by asking money questions that are clear and public and already answered, presenting them as if she’s being ignored and Zehut refuses to answer.

I have criticized Feiglin before, recently in fact, regarding his position on Syria. I will criticize him, even harshly, when he’s wrong. But that blogger has a vendetta against him, probably because she does not value liberty.
Which I forwarded to Tomer Devorah asking for a response, since she has a reputation for accuracy in accusation, but none came, so here it is.
It’s still not too late, you know.

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