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Cops and Soldiers are Not People to Look Up To

When the average indoctrinated government curriculum (private or public school educated) person thinks of cops or or other government-trained human weapons, he immediately thinks of “public service”. I have no doubt that many people become government-trained killers because they think it is noble. No doubt some of what they do, minus the thievery in order to do it, is noble. Many cops protect people. Many soldiers protect people. But all cops and all soldiers without exception are sworn to serve politicians, because they are sworn to uphold the laws that these politicians pass, whether they are good laws or horrible laws. Most government trained armies think they are fulfilling some kind of duty by upholding evil laws.

Let’s keep in mind that the murderer of the cops in Dallas was a government-trained killer. When you send people to war for a cause that is not 100% obviously defensively just, it causes people to lose their minds. Let us also never forget that the amount of suicides among Vietnam veterans is higher than the actual death toll of US soldiers in Vietnam.

Send people out to murder other human beings and they will kill themselves. And sometimes others before they kill themselves, as is the case with this Dallas shooter.

No doubt if the government monopolized the food sector and forbade anyone from supplying food privately, as is the case in Canada regarding healthcare and as it almost was in the US had Hillarycare passed in the mid 90’s, then government food suppliers would think of themselves as feeding the hungry and fulfilling their “civic duty”. When in truth, all they are doing is forcing themselves on an entire sector and causing many to starve. The fact that they exist means that private security forces cannot. If government monopolized food, millions would die. This is exactly what happened in China under Mao Zedung’s reign, and 45 million people died in unutterably horrible ways. Thank God the government only monopolizes police and army and lets the food sector be dealt with through the free market (minus farm subsidies and various government food regulations).

Government monopolizes domestic security through police forces, and monopolizes foreign security through its army of trained killers. Every so often these people who make up these monopoly forces save lives. But most of the time they are simply out harassing people and making everyone’s lives miserable. Marijuana possession, selling narcotics, setting up a business without a license, tax evasion, whatever non-crime it happens to be, they will be there to draw a gun and kill you if they have to.

Concession statement: One should always pay taxes l’chumra and only set up businesses with a license and never deal drugs if they care about what little freedom they have and their very lives. Doing any of these things can get you killed by the police. 

We are taught that it is wrong to judge government-trained killers because they are simply “enforcers”. In Israel we have government-trained killers expelling Jews and Arabs from their homes and anyone who fights back is called suicidal. Antiwar people are accused of not “supporting the troops” when it is specifically the antiwar people who support the troops because we don’t want any of them killing or being killed. The war hawks care little about human life so long as their amorphous goals are achieved. What those are, they war hawks themselves couldn’t even tell you beyond “end terror”. Good luck with that.

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