Rafi Is Finally Running!

I and others encouraged him when he was considering the notion. Now he’s going for it. Whatever happens is not my fault!

Here is his “political” site. The name of which sounds like he’s asking to be electrified. Which he is (metaphorically?).

Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman was once asked by a young man if he could go to college in the hope of achieving some Jewish goal (I forget which).

Rabbi Kahaneman answered he could not support him. Imagine a performer extending a rope at a great height and walking across. We cannot encourage him as he starts; his quest is suicidal. But if he manages to get across, he will be honored as a hero. The lesson is clear.

Your story…

I don’t know the accurate details, and it’s just a story. Yes, tight-rope walking is likely included in the Noda Beyehuda’s dispensation of dangerous work for a livelihood. College? Perhaps he saw no way of dissuading the man entirely.


Join the campaign! Bug your friends to help!

Whatever happens won’t be your fault either. He made his decision, and מסייע אין בו ממש.

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