Rafi Farber Changed My Mind!

With his article against the “French Law” (we reprinted).

On the one hand, term limits are wrong-headed (they may have good effects; I speak of the idea behind them), because they are a step toward democratic government and away from monarchical government. And Feiglin seems shallowly correct; liberty lies in turf wars between government departments.

But politicians should certainly not be permitted to break laws. This is certainly true for real laws, but is also true for fiat laws, since this presents some minimal disincentive upon the crats imposing these upon us, their victims.

And the penalties, too, should be stricter (to some degree), in both cases. This also helps hamstring the pols (almost everything political is cruelly wrong, and the rest is apparent only in retrospect).

And the Israeli Supreme Court is not a real threat, except to non-politicians, as Moshe Feiglin himself explains, so this is the wrong way to go about vitiating that institution.

Thank you!

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