Rabbi Shach Was Never a Disciple of the Chazon Ish!

Some Jews have pretended Rabbi Elazar Menachem Man Shach was a student of the Chazon Ish. To be clear, I don’t mind hearing the lie itself. As it says in Proverbs 29:12:

משל מקשיב על דבר שקר כל משרתיו רשעים

Their motivation is to elevate his stature by associating him with a known Torah scholar. Fine.

My problem with this is that it obscures the legacy of the Chazon Ish by attributing to his surroundings people who were nothing like him in any way. Rabbi Shach was always a Brisker (although he managed to alienate some of them in the Kotler/Feinstein episode).

(The Chazon Ish wrote friendly letters to many young scholars and tried to encourage them. And when he wrote the word “Emes”, this refers to the Brisker idioglossic version of  faux-exactitude.)

So I write to fix the record.

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