Rabbi Brand: ‘Respected Jewish Legal Authority’

We wrote: Apparently, there has been a furor a while ago regarding the order of treating the wounded after a non-Jewish murder of Jews…

Here’s an excerpt from Breaking Israel News:

As Israel is in the grips of what has become daily Palestinian terror attacks, Jewish leaders are split over how to view and treat the terrorist perpetrators. The debate has been heightened over the recent release of new guidelines by the Israel Medical Association (IMA), which instruct medical and emergency personnel to treat the injured at the scene of a terror attack based on seriousness of injuries, regardless if the patient is a terrorist or victim.

The fear of imprisoned terrorists being released to attack again is very real. Israel has released a total of more than 7,000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for 19 Israelis and the bodies of eight others, most notably in the 2011 exchange for Gilad Shalit, when they released 1,027 convicted Palestinians, some of whom went on to kill more Israelis.

Rabbi Yitzchak Brand, a respected Jewish legal authority from the city of Emanuel, argues that since the Palestinian terrorists are trying to kill Jews, it is a wartime setting and usual legal measures no longer apply. He adds that the policy of Magen David Adom, Israel’s EMS unit, to treat a critically-wounded terrorist before a seriously-wounded Jewish victim is yet another reason to kill the terrorist since he may be the cause of the innocent Jew not getting the care he needs, and possibly dying.

Note: This is not an endorsement of “Breaking Israel News“, a site by smarmy Jews fawning on idol worshippers. Referral does not imply recommendation.

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