Psychoanalyzing Rabbi Shmuel/Rabbi Steinman Activists

Question: Why are Netzach/Peles/Rabbi Shmuel Auerbachites and anti-Netzach/Yated/Rabbi Steinmanites so busy with this one aspect of their lives? Why are such high percentages, full-time wonks?

Sometimes the obvious answer is also the correct one.

Answer: Because their allegedly-disinterested feuds, politics, resentments, sparring tournaments, hero-worship is all they have. Some spend more time on “Havayos Abaye Verava”, others less, but it doesn’t fill their inner world.

Whatever it is, they are doing it wrong. More/less Mussar, more/less Brisk, more/less Tanach, more/less prayer, more/fewer Mitzvos, more/less play with fidget spinners and hoverboards; I don’t presume to know what they need, as individuals and as a group. Something is sadly lacking.

I won’t give quizzes and practical suggestions so as not to end up describing myself. But if you sometimes hear your loved-ones expressing the notion your emotional wellbeing and sense of purpose ought to depend on a less contentious, less newsy, less extroverted focus, they may be Heavenly messengers.

Unless this is your source of income somehow (in which case, the issue is solely religious).

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