The Positive Unintended Consequences of Dissent

As we witness Jews tortured and repressed by the regime (and exiled), some minimize the victims’ bravery and suffering, claiming their protests enable the regime to pretend it allows protests and “free speech”, at least to some extent. Besides, what good does it do to protest under these circumstances?
But even if seen as a ‘tool’, and a broken tool at that, you might even have an immense indirect effect, strange as it sounds, by awakening government agents!
Yuri Alexandrovic Bezmenov, now known as Tomas David Schuman, was born in 1939 in the former Soviet Union and worked as a journalist for Pravda. In this capacity, he secretly worked as an officer for KGB. His true job was to further the aims of communist Russia. After being assigned to a station in India, Bezmenov began to resent the KGB-sanctioned oppression of intellectuals who dissented from Moscow’s policies. He decided to defect to the West.

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