Please Don’t Read This (Because It’s About Freemasons)

God willing, here is the single obligatory post covering Freemasons. Then we can happily forget all about them.
Um, right, Freemasonry. Well, uh, my impression from far-from-primary sources is “lacking meat”.
But I rush in anyway:
  • Freemasonry is a Hermetic/Occult/etc./etc. “Mystery Religion”. Ooh.
  • The wicked fools deify the sun (like Da Lie Llama Shikutz (read: Dalai Lama), by the way).
  • Members commit to committing perjury if subpoenaed to testify against one another (rumor).
  • They cannot cut stones to order any more. Nor are they still a craftsmen guild.
  • Did the institutions influence the FrenchAmerican and Mexican revolutions? Don’t ask me.
  • Apparently, Freemasons don’t even know enough Tum’ah to attract many members anymore — if indeed they ever did. Yeridas Hadoros?
  • Yet their shtick isn’t nearly as ancient as they pretend, either.
You desire primary sources? The only half-reliable one, to my knowledge, is “Letters on the Masonic Institution“, by John Quincy Adams, which I have not read at all.

That’s all I think I know.

 Phew. Baruch Hashem that’s over (even if the topic turns out to be as popular as was Nibiru)!

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