Perforce You Suffer and Perforce You Are Taken to Account!

I don’t want to go into the topic as a whole here, but to refute one common claim thereof.

In reference to the recent nationwide protests against Charedi conscription, which involved blocking traffic, I have heard it said that even if this was effective and/or likely to be so, and was the only way to be effective (as opposed to, say, protesting by the PM’s house, etc.) and even if the goal was a worthy one (and feel free to add a few more conditionals), the protests constitute a “Mitzvah by way of an Aveirah”. Why should anyone have to wait six hours in traffic because of the “cause”?

Arguendo, etc., I disagree. If something makes Hashem smile, his creations should bear the discomfort willingly, and smile, too, at the opportunity.

If you pay for someone else’s Mitzvah, even unknowingly, by Oness, you receive a Divine reward, as with any Mitzvah done by several partners. If, however, knowing what’s going on, you regret the Mitzvah, you forfeit the reward.

I think my point is clear, even without fleshing it out.

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