Agudas Yisrael on Child Sex Abuse – The Record

Agudah on Pedophilia: Too Little, Too Late!

I am a non-partisan critic of Jewish organizations. I will go after any group that enables child abuse. In my last post I revealed Satmar’s sad history in the case of Yisroel Moshe (Israel) Weingarten.  Today I want to talk about Agudath Israel of America. They think of themselves as the voice of torah-true Jewry. Yet they are guilty of collusion with the ongoing epidemic of sexual abuse of children by frum Jews. They can hurl thunderbolts to confront a modern orthodox rabbi who ordains one woman. They can mobilize their masses for rachmonis on Martin Grossman, a vicious Jewish murderer. But suddenly they loose their oomph and speak bikol dmamah dakah when it comes to child molesting (unless of course the offender is a goy).

After being confronted by protesters two years ago at their convention they made noises about their willingness to confront the issue. A year ago, their lay leader, Rabbi Dovid Zweibel, Esq. used their convention to speak with passion about their dawning realization about the problem and their commitment to find a way to respond.  This year they unveiled their response. It took the form of high profile speech by the head of their Moetzes, the Novominsker Rebbe (Rabbi Yaakov Perlow). At their annual convention over Thanksgiving weekend, Rabbi Perlow devoted over 12 minutes to the issue. Below are his words, followed by my reactions.

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Ouch! – Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky on Learning Scripture

… It is normal that a person has a preference for one specific type of learning and wants to spend the majority of his time on that area, such as Gemara. However, if he does not devote any time to halacho, for example, then he will not be able to observe the mitzvos properly. Similarly, my Rebbe notes that a person may learn Chumash when he is a young child and never again give it any significant time beyond speeding through Shtayim Mikra v’echad targum. The consequence of this is that a ben Torah who learns Gemara in great depth may have little more than a child’s understanding of the maasim in Chumash! Rav Kamenetsy was once in a forum encouraging avreichim to spend some time teaching unaffiliated Jews. To one avreich who was concerned about the bitul Torah involved in teaching, he answered, “And if you have to learn a little Chumash and Nachi it won’t be such a terrible thing.”

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Mohammedan Influence Upon Popular Jewish Books

The Chovos Halevavos famously writes, Yichud Hama’seh chapter 5:

ואמרו על חסיד, שפגע אנשים שבים ממלחמת אויבים, ושללו שלל אחר מלחמה חזקה, אמר להם: שבתם מן המלחמה הקטנה שוללים שלל, התעתדו למלחמה הגדולה. אמרו לו: ומה היא המלחמה הגדולה? אמר להם: מלחמת היצר וחייליו.

But this story was first told of Mohammed. He is the “Chassid” referred to above. The warriors he met were his own. “Jihad” is the word for “war”, both lesser and greater. For a full discussion see this.

Nor is this the only example of Rabbi Bachye borrowing from their material. Know the one about the carcass’ white teeth? See Otzar Hachochma Forums here on that. Others were similarly influenced, including Rabbi Avraham ben Harambam, who incorporated silly Sufism in his syncretistic “Hamaspik Le’ovdei Hashem”. For a too-wide overview, see this.

There are a whole host of lessons to be learned here. The easiest to ignore is this: the brand of of “piety” sought by the author of “Chovos Halevavos” is not a Jewish one. This is blatantly obvious from the author’s introduction as well.

I hope to elaborate at some future date.

Israeli Spooks Spying on the Slaves

ACRI to court: Make PM’s Office reveal information on Shin Bet wiretaps

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel on Monday filed a petition to the Jerusalem District Court, in its capacity as an administrative court, to compel the Prime Minister’s Office to reveal the number of warrants issued by the prime minister to execute Shin Bet wiretaps over the past five years.

The information would be “including the number of people – and the number of the Israeli citizens and residents – covered by such warrants.”

The petition, filed under the Freedom of Information Law, sought to obtain the “guidelines that guide the prime minister in exercising this authority.” ACRI said that “security wiretaps,” used by Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), as opposed to criminal wiretaps used by police, are carried out under special more secretive procedures and said they are not subject to judicial review.
According to ACRI, Shin Bet requests authority for a wiretap from the prime minister, “who must report only to the attorney-general and a combined committee of the Constitution, Law and Justice and Foreign Affairs and Defense Committees, whose hearings are held behind closed doors.”

ACRI said it filed the petition after the PMO refused to provide it with information about the wiretapping in response to a freedom of information request.

The petition claimed that the PMO has “not given proper weight to the public’s right to information,” which ACRI said was a right “directly connected to the freedom of expression.”

In the response by the PMO to the ACRI request, it said that divulging the requested information would endanger state security and classified material.

The PMO further indicated that the safeguards of obligating the prime minister to report to the attorney-general and the special Knesset Committee were appropriate safeguards on abuse of Shin Bet wiretapping.

Also, the PMO said the fact that law stipulates that the Knesset committee meet in closed-door sessions shows the Knesset’s intent to keep the process secret to prevent exposure of classified information.

ACRI attorney Lila Margalit stated, “The Supreme Court has ruled in the past that wiretapping constitutes a serious invasion of privacy. It is deeply unsettling for the person being listened to, limiting his free will and impinging on his basic right to privacy.”

She added, “It is intolerable for such sensitive power to be exercised without the public having the minimum tools needed to discuss the fundamental questions that surround it.”

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Meir Pogrow, Adulterer

Pogrow Ruling Translation & Hebrew Original

rabbi Meir Pogrow

With the help of Heaven

Tuesday, Parshas Behaalosecha (Naso in the Diaspora), 8 Sivan, 5776 [6/14/16]


  • Rabbi Menachem Mendel HaKohen Shafran, Bnei Brak [Israel]
  • Rabbi Gershon ben R’ Avraham Yehudah HaLevi Bess, California
  • Rabbi Chaim Zev HaLevi Malinowitz, Jerusalem & Beit Shemesh

RE: Meir Pogrow ID: xxxxxxxx

After many rabbis and activists approached us about the devious behavior of the aforementioned [Meir Pogrow] over the course of years, and after we heard his version, and after we clarified what we clarified, we are issuing the following ruling.

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